Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it a good support?

Yesterday some of stocks had place out their support price. Like Kinstel at 70 cents, Liondiv at 51 cents...etc. Is it a good support level for them? In the down/bear market, this always happen some support price seem like a good support. To identify it, that is difficult.

But what i see if those counter in the coming days hit below yesterday lower price. Such stock will registered lower until you unbelievable. So, usually I am prefer stay far away and won't join into these dangerous place. Investors like to guess lower price and always blame themselves could not capture it. For me, that is not important. I am prefer a stock can move up further although is expensive rather than spend money to buy/test its' lower/bottom.

Someone who can collect at yesterday lower price maybe can enjoy some gain. But how many times they will be correct on guessing? Do you wants few lorries of money to do such way on you investment?

Stopped buying since last Tuesday cause my hand itchy. But stop a while will help my view and my mind clear to observe. When is my buying day? I do not know.................................. I am waiting..........................

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