Monday, May 11, 2009

My Prediction : - Market Rally is Over

Why I commented the rally was over? Because : -

a) Suddenly most of the stocks run it higher on the same time. Last time that is only a specific stock were happen.
b) There is no instant reason for certain stock can hit the higher level.
c) Most of the index link counter registered lost especially those heavy weight counter.
d) Today higher price when compared with closed price, that is a big difference.

Based on the above, I had sold all stocks in hand althought some of them registered negative. Especially Resort and Bjcorp -LC. I will quit for while, until some positive data has arrive again. I do not wants fight against the trend of the market.


plas said...

yes,this time,mkt very 'predictable' and too smooth.I hope ppl just keep it to themselves & not cause premature reaction....let the tug-of-war work its way..the fear & greed has to balance out...those who sell will want it to drop how to be unbiased?some just have to get 'bull trap' & bite the bullets....for good digestion...

Ahmad Tarmizi said...

Yes! I think you right