Thursday, May 28, 2009

Huaan, Mobif, Dbhd & Ramunia-WA

The above shares as at today closed price registered negative and hit him badly. 2 weeks effort of me gone with the winds. Actually I should hold full responsible on that. I have never seeking any advice because no one should bear my burden with my lose. Shares market is a good game and so it teach you faced the mistake you have decided.

In the journey of investment, every mistake teach me a good lesson. Nothing is worry because we lose money and we never lose our life. As long as we standing on the earth, the game is continue. Always remember, this is only a game in your life. It should not take over yours other things in once time.

Today bad performance on high volume stocks finally pull the KLSE equity market in the entire day registered negative. But I never felt any nervous because worst than today's performance, I have seen before. I never watched my in hand stocks but concentrate on watching government link stocks performance. Because if the said stocks broke certain level, I must take immediate action cut off everything. Otherwise, market still stable and confirm that is minor adjustment.

After about 5 hours observing, I never found any bad signal has arrived in the market. So, estimated that is only 20points to 30 points adjustment will happen. It should be adjusted from 1057 to 1035 points only. Expected it should be rebound from 1033 points.

Of course, most of my stocks will face heavy impact because there are speculator stocks. Now, must think to raise some money to cover loss, because I had spend it in my holiday. Bad! Bad !Bad !

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