Saturday, May 2, 2009

Principle of Speculator

As a speculator, usually bring an empty pocket to call buy in the market. I have a limited time and money in hand to play one specific counter. So, I wants to : -

a) Take profit fast
b) Minimise my lose
c) Control myself not gritty

The 100% must faithful the above condition but finally lose gain extra. But that were help you escape the crisis of adjustment of shares. Broker do not like me, because always need buy in volume and worry I can't afford the loses. Because they can't sell our holding stocks to pay the lose.

In order to minimise broker's worry. I am not interested to receive any payment of gain. Until such a time highlighted there is a final or end up of rally. I will ask some withdrawn of the profit.

Sometime I like a jumping frog and something I be a wolf. No one can predict my step because I am a speculator. In KLSE I have to say this is easy because I would not faced more funds manager in the market. If I am at Japan Nikkie or DJ USA or HK HSI. I think this is a difficult job.

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