Thursday, May 21, 2009

IncKen, E & O & Scomi

KLSE equity market at morning session had performed wild. Up about 7 points and suddenly drop to negative 1 point. Most of the penny stocks in the process of consolidate and force selling are continue. Some counter given little profit but won’t derived any profit after minus the brokerage.

Weak holders should quit for while until some buying interest comes back. This current sentiment is not good for trading. It will allow you pay more brokerage than you profit. If afternoon my stocks in hand never turn back and I am predicted must lose about 3k to 5k.

If you are enough optimistic, you can try buying in at 3.30pm. It maybe can give you a good price to pick a stock.

Stock in hand: - Incken, Scomi & E & O

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blog for money said...

Today I bought incken at 0.4 cos suddenly shot up with high volume but now price is ..... really celaka..