Friday, May 8, 2009

Bjcorp- LC, Timecom and Resort, Jotech- Wa

A good news from jobless claimed at USA brought DJ hit high again. But this does not help KLSE will follow the rally because we are not one of the developed equity market in the world. But another good news from oil would bring up our market, that is oil price had hit above 58. This good news will help KLSE hit another 50 to 60 points on current level.

A lot of investors brought State of Perak politic issue as a bad factor. But as an ordinary people in Malaysia, who win or lose on both parties did not bring anything to us. Of course the balance of power would helping us monitor closely on our resources instead of someone misused it.

I am believe market want have any adjustment, it will not direct informing you and me. Some bad data will hidden behind until you are not belived and you minds will telling you continue buy and trading in the market.

As at yesterday, my stocks list are : - Resorts, Jotech-WA, Bjcorp -LC and Timecom. Wish you are can enjoy buying same as me and join the cheerful party with me.

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