Tuesday, May 12, 2009


That is warning whoever still holding some stocks or preparing buy again after an adjustment. This coming adjustment will hit until you weren't believed. Every support is a trap. Only way can safe you investments or money, Just sell off everything until the daily volume reach certain low level. Market will not giving you any profit because most of the people lose money.

Market will have few level to break down because the heavy volume delivery at every level. The data told me on yesterday about 3pm. I wasn't believed until I had changed my selling price 3 times also couldn't done it. That was a time I do believed market no support and searching an heavy adjustment soon.

My stock in hand is ZERO. Yesterday I must cut off Resort and BJcorp - LC. It has write off all my Friday and Monday's profit. I am not regret although my pick up day not due yet. I also noted some bad news has arrive Asia Pacific. That bad news now wants to join up soon. I am afraid if there join up at this point of time. It will totally spoilt all effort on recent rally.

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