Thursday, May 7, 2009

BJCorp –LC, Jotech –WA and Resort

KLSE equity market in the morning had a small rally about 11 points. It was needed a rest. Market searching the balancing of transaction. So, today KNM demoted to 3rd place at volume page and SAAG be a leader now. It is a good and healthy replacement because if one of the counter stand too long at number one. If any adjustment on that, it will affect the rally.

After the morning session, my intention has change. I was bought in rJotech –WA and Resort. Buy in Jotech –WA because of Jotech has been broke the strong resistance at 7 and Resort was hit again 2.56 and finally reached higher price of 2.57. I would like to say these 2 counters should start the rally again from this price.

In these rally hard to see any loses because 99% of the stocks has registered 5% to 10% higher than bottom. On this level, monitor closely on yours in hand stocks and control it by way of identified its resistance. It will help maximum yours gain.

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