Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ramunia -WA, Kinstel , Mobif

As usual, open the online quote to view KLSE equity market in the morning about 9.30am. In this time, I will select few stocks as my daily target for day trading. I had select Bjcorp LC again as my first choice. Finally, I had sold it and earn some money. In order to maximum profit, I have immediately bought in silver-wa. It also given me some profit. Silver -wa hardly delivery to sold it as my target price. Finally, I must cut it off 30 lots with zero gain. That is about 3.30pm and changed it to Huaan at 46 cents. Huaan started its rally about 4.25pm and I had suceed sold it 48.5 cents and registered some profit.

The above long story is my daily schedule on today market. That is happening daily and usually help me minimise my coming loss. Remember, I had chose some wrong counter bought in at yesterday. I do not know the final result but seems like negative. There are : - Ramunia -WA. Kinstel and Mobif.

As at today, there still marked loss and seems like won't give me any profit in the coming due date.

Overall performance of KLSE stocks not well, although Asia Pacific's equity market all contributed positive results but KLSE index marked negative.

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