Monday, May 4, 2009

Super Run at Asia Pacific Equity Market

Is it equity market has come back to bull run? If you bought in at low price in somewhere Jan 09. You can feel that. Today, I had managed earn little profit because I had lose direction. From morning to evening, no counter is my favourite. My mind had blocked by some data and can not find the way.

Until the market almost ended, I just tried bought in some Ramunia -WA. In view of the super performance in the entire Asia Pacific equity market. No signal of adjustment will arrive in coming trading days. But I has been stepped inside some bottle neck. Inside my heart, fears manipulated my plan and warns me continue these game.

Lost confident on my purchase and while looking in front of the display screen. it seems like every stocks can drop if I buy in at that price. Although my opinion tells me that, but i believe market index still searching another new high level. Until one day, my mind tells me market still bullist. It may be a signal of adjustment will arrive. Please believe it, "Market will not listen my instruction and it will always run against my thought."
My stocks in Hand: - Ramunia -WA and sanbumi

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