Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kinstel & KUB

Today finally I had found 2 stocks can giving me some confident to buy in, there are Kinstel & Kub. Because of : -

a) Kinstel – Yesterday hit as low as 70 cents and successful go back 80 cents closed. It was negative because today it will face the heavy delivery by high price of 93 cents. But at 10.30am to 11am, it has surprised me stood at 83.5 cents. The alert of heavy delivery has eliminated and gone. No one will lose because I had believed some holder has averaging the price to 82 to 83. It is giving a good signal for up trend on this counter with its high support volume.

b) Kub has registered the high price record at 58cents and yesterday was hit down to 445. Now it has come back to 50 cents and no signal of high volume deal on today will deliver into market. That’s mean most of the purchase has been paid and collect it as long term investment.

In view the outstanding run on both counter, I am here recommend buy in for short trading. You lose will minimise because both of them has created the strong support at 805 and 48 respectively. These two counter maybe can exempted by any heavy adjustment on index, because demand over the supply at certain level of its price.

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