Friday, May 22, 2009

Unexpected Rally

Asia Pacific equity market could not continued the rally but KLSE equity market at4pm given us a surprised. There are 2 news : -

a) New bridge for Malaysia to Singapore extend to Iskandar.
b) BN control back Perak State

It was a impact and finally help index hit up about 9 points. These rally will continue at Monday or maybe a week. These upexpected news help me minimise my loss to RM3k. Hope can me more in the coming days.

Today I have done few contract by day trade, it also help me earned little gain to cover the coming loses. A lot of investors can not afford such bad sentiment in the morning and afternoon. So, they prefer stay away from market, but they all felt regret and disappointed in the late evening.

Stocks In Hand: - E & O, Scomi & Incken

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