Saturday, May 23, 2009

Changed Direction

KLSE equity market now has changed the direction. The above RM1 to 2 price range stocks perform better than penny stocks. Players suffer a big loss on penny stocks. They had realized such changing but couldn't follow because of worries it will incurring more losses. They are planning wait the penny stocks returned. But disappointed have accumulated after 10 days adjustment on such penny stocks.

I had heard a lot of lose case in the market. Some of them prefer quit for while and some said market already gone. This group of people usually use own individual point of view to identify the market. They have never brought any good suggestion. They stood at one way to describe the current market status.

I am always stand behind them and listening such comment. Some points I had to agree but some I have my own point of view to against them. Like yesterday, I did a good deal help me earn little to cover my coming loss.

Those stocks I had bought in would not give me any profit but I have believe they might not disappointed me at the cut off point. I am going to have a short leave and enjoying my holiday. But support by IT technology I should be able monitor closely the trend of equity market.

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