Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Run on cetain Counter

Usually I do not care about the previous higher and lower record, because it will confuse you while you wants to buying stocks. I just care about the behaviour of the said stock. Why?

If you set a higher price, it will stop you enjoy the rally and also stop you indentify the current market situation and its momentum.

If you set a lower price, it will bring you jump in too early when its happen an heavy adjustment or you will not buying in the right time when its want to start the rally.

Current situation/status apply to all stocks, if you blocked youself too early or too confident. It will bring you into bear trap. Just forget about the previous price and obtain a real information on current situation. It will be more accurate and realistic.

People who living in the past may lose to aim better future. People who apply one rule to survive will bring himself staying in the corner and do not know what is happening in the world.

Be a speculators, the consistence policy should apply it to all stocks. Like example, every stock enjoy gain for 3 cents. It should be firm and steady on 3 cents. More than that consider is a bonus and do not apply it one time at 3 cents and others at 4 cents and the others is at 5 cents.

As I said, earned money should known how to spend money and enjoy you life. I was quit since yesterday and will be came back again if I have obtain some good data from the equity market.

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