Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Open High Closed Low

When this morning in the coffee shop, I was commented the market will close low. A lot of people thought I am crazy and during the opening time of equity market. They had concluded I am 100% wrong. Finally the end result of KLSE, proven I am correct.

How come I am confident in this morning I would not wrong? In fact, the data was told me. If blue chip like Pbank also facing a heavy adjustment, that is not reason market could sustain at high level. Another main factor is USA just come back from bottom, it would attracted most of the funds back to equity market. If Investors choice USA as a play ground, they wont facing the impact of exchange rate lose.

If my prediction is correct, Asia pacific market now starting seeking the bottom. It will needs at least one month or 3 months. Until the bad factors one by one eliminate. Remember your are again, I am a speculator player. If I also cannot cant' earn any single cents from that,or not interesting playing in the market. It will confirm market sentiment is weak and profit margin is little.

Keep on sell future as far as any technical rebound, you will see a lot of profit through into you pocket.

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May be you are right !