Monday, March 23, 2009

Muhibah and Resort –CJ

Today KLSE market performing as my prediction and had given a good profit to everyone. Of course, this move had contributed me some profit. As normal, enjoy the profit and chose others stock to enjoy market continues up. People would surprise I am select Muhibah and Resort –CJ. Recently, Muhibah had touched as low as 64.5 cents, If you bought in at last week, it was given you a good profit. Normally, it would hard to up again and should be faced heavy adjustment on today. But, it did not happen on this morning.

For my own analyst, if one stock hit above 20% from the bottom. Normally the strong resistance level would be appearing and high volume of sell force will be delivered. But, Muhibah did not meet the resistance level and further hit above the closed price of last Friday.

Like Pelikan also did move above 20% on last Friday, today still given a good profit. Hence, I was believed this counter (Muhibah) still can given holders some profit until the resistance price appearing in the quote.

Resort had faced a heavy adjustment on last 2 weeks. It was hit 52 weeks low and touched 1.84. But this 2 days hardly see the lower price again. Based on my own analyst, the adjustment is over. If resort can hit above 2.00, the profit of this share is about 40 cents.

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