Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mini Budget at Malaysia

The announcement by our Finance minister at 4pm given a some positive news but it is can support market continue sustain at this level? My point of view is negative, because I am always believed if the support has been broke. Market should looking another strong base. It can be needed 10 days or maybe 100 days. I am not holding any crystal ball, so i couldn't tell you.

If there is happen, no point we wasting time to search for it. We should stay away study more and let market telling us directly. Who is trying day by day will waste in hand bullet in the air and cause lose heavily in this period of time. I do not wants be a experiment frog in the lab. Are you willing to be?

Of course no one happy be a frog. But some time you are induce by false data and maybe mislead by certain issue. So, carefully study the said data in hand before made any buying decision.

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