Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lose money game

As a small investor, lose 10k is a big deal. But in the equity market, like GIC of Singapore, FED of USA they must paying more than a trillion to maintain National Assets and Goodwill. Similar with Malaysia Khazanah Holding, they also need some funds to do such deal, although they not even enjoy anything in the past ten years. Nor dividend or gain.

Equity market having a big problem because of: -

a) Wrong direction of Education- Everyone study in the school had started given an information must earn much much money in life. The teacher, lecturer and parents had warns kids must study because of enjoy luxury life in the future. Civic and ethic had totally ignore.
b) Selfish - Management and BOD enjoy big sum of bonus although the actual yield had not registered in the book. There is a invisible increase of asset and sales in the book ,even though selling a same product by multiple times.
c) Goodwill- The politician and government must maintain the goodwill. It was given a chance to group of people manipulate and threaten them. They had created a big liabilities and influences in the society, it was indirect brought innocent ordinary population involve in the game for their self benefit.

The above would continues in the coming days because no one is penalty. All those CEO, directors and top management still enjoy the money had received by them in the past 10 years. They are riches and media will continue promote them as VIP in the world.

During past 2 months in this year, I was started again in these game. As at today, the result of me is lose. Of course, people will say my strategy is wrong because of I am buying by way of speculating.

But refer those stock I had bought. If I had not used speculated way, the loses would registered more than 20k. So, although is lose money game but playing with smart decision on current situation.

In fact, lose in the game shouldn't have any excuse bring into maintain personal glory. But understood the mistake was made become priority and necessity. Otherwise, it will continue in the future.

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