Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Easy

Market after adjusted heavily in the past 9 months, most of the analyst had lose confident. Recently market had came back from 837 points, but they still wrote some negative points in the media. But, market up or down definite not as they were predicted.

Hence, while they were commented market soon have adjustment. You should try buy some stocks and keep. For me, last week was traded in good profit. Hope this week given me same profit.

In US, market was touched 7900 and friday was adjusted about 148 points. But that is not a signal turn down. It should be reach 7,500 points only could know the trend. UMNO election was over did not 100% pull market downward. Please do not forget, 3 years only have once UMNO election. It does not means other days market all registered low. So, please consider there is one of the factor to KLSE.

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