Friday, March 27, 2009

Gamuda, Genting, Pelikan, Equine and Wct-wb.

In this morning, a lot of investors had decided sold their holding stocks. Because they had been thought UMNO election was over at last night. They also were gave the strong reason, market soon be turn down. In fact, if the market sentiment could be allowed us read it as such simple way. I am thinking we should not have registered any lost in our investment book.

In my experience, well know or just understand about market’s movement is not a easy task. Since I am 18 years old, I was started trading in the market. As at today, truly speaking “in equity trading sector actually I am still classify myself is a “kid”. “

After reading today’s trend of KLSE equity market, I was found: -

a) No signal turn down
b) Gamuda and WCT strong
c) Resort only faced profit taking trading
d) Volume maintained.
e) Penny stocks still traded at above support level.

Although economic data still negative but had been absorbed well in the beginning of this month. After these data accumulated I have been concluded market still have a chance to make money but it would be applied it to selected stocks only.

My decision is buying Gamuda, Genting, Pelikan, Equine and Wct-wb.

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