Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sell Future Index

Even thought today our Finance Minister going to announce a mini budget. But I am believed market still weak and would touch below 850 points. That is not important on the amount of budget. Because the economic base in the world actually has been destroyed.

If the Mini budget is per people expecting about 30 billion. Market would not up as much as expectation. If Lower the amount it could be impact the market seeing the lower. So, stay out for while to avoid this factor.

Usually as an ordinary people, you are hardly can feel the allocation from government. The inproper working of system made our country lose a lot of unnecessary resources. So, sometime you would think " Better do not have any new allocation". This is cause by frustration and disappointed. Otherwise certain group of people become rich and riches, and most of people still waiting until his/her died still haven't receive any allocation.

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