Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hard to satisfy !

As a normal people, we would always use a lot of excuses blaming. Like market today performance, i was listen a lot of complaint about the MINI Budget. So, he had hold zero responsibilty about his holding stocks in hand while registered lose. The main excuse is others people fault. You are hard to listening a word from his mouth. He would not blame himself had made a stupid mistake.

If the above attitude is continue in his life. I am believe his is hard to earn money from equity market unless he had own a lot of fortune in his life.

In fact, the investors like to set a price to buy in. Example: - he always assume that Resort would not fall below 2.00 or after fall 2.00, he had set a buy in price at 1.80 or 1.60. This theory does not work because it was used you mind to set it. (This theory i had named it as "I thought")

Finally, after successful bought the share at target price and its share still falling. He will start blame and keep on telling you. "It should not be happen."

As I understood, equity market is not work as simple as mathematics. that is 1 + 1 = 2. It was comprising a lot of factors to close one deal. Hence, why you are insist that you bought in price must be 100% correct? Why people selling price is wrong? Why people cannot buying such shares lower than you? Why you are named yourself is a GOD in the first place and set such target price? Why you are confirm this price can grant you a profit?

Please find out the reason, maybe one day you could understand it.

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