Monday, March 16, 2009

USA DJ Rally

US DJ has a small rally in this 2 months. It can climb to 7,900 points but KLSE would not follow. A lot people still guessing Resort and Maybank lower price. But it does not help you althoght you are correct. No matter how is 1.60 or 3.00 respectively. If it does not give you any profit, why you are wants to guess it?

These few days I am watching some counter broke the lower price, that is UEMLand broke 68 and Ranhill hit down below 75.5. It were given you a warning, market still bearish. US and Euro seeking a resistance and hard to drop at this five days. But it will pull all funds back to their market, because better turnover and easy to manage.

Malaysia market lose the momentum as well as traded at high PE. So, at least 30 days could not given you any profit. Careful trading!!!!

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