Sunday, March 15, 2009


In equity market everyone had a dream. They are hoping one day can buy in a counter everyday limit up. It is impossible task and also hardly to have.

Last Friday KLSE follows the external market registered a positive move but some famous counter still faced a adjustments. If you bought in and were not taken profit on the same day, that is dangerous. In US would had a good result in equity market for month of Apr to June. But it could not be happen in KLSE.

All data in my hand still shown negative and should not easy eliminate it. Of course if you had a super tips on specific counter, that will be good for you have a speculator chance.

Some more I was hear a lot of people claimed that MINI Budget spending future money but they still insist buying. What is the funny theory? So, i was in doubt why they can continue claims some one is wrong, but on the other hand still support such counter.

The funny world created the funny people. So, please do not accept such people's theory. Because they had always complaint but they did it the same way and did the some thoery.

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