Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am Busy Body

I am still remember a Blogger name Khoo88 was collected KNM , AMMB and Resort last month. He had leave some note at my Chatbox at here, claimed lose a lot on these 3 counters. But after a small rally on 2 days, I am believe he had recovered some lost.

Nothing much to mentioned about him, Just wants to said congratulation to him. Finally, he had suceed brought some money back.

If you are listen warning from my yesterday morning 7.30am post. I am believe you also can taste the some sweet. Yesterday market perform as my prediction, it had brought all hot volume stocks had an adjustment. It would not run as year 2006 and 07. A lot of investors would facing a worry at now. Similar with me, because I had bought in Asiabio and Resort CI.

Asiabio in this year had registered as low as yesterday, that is on somewhere Feb09. But closed at high on the same day. A mesdaq stocks in Malaysia now less attractive and most of the people worry to buy in these categary of stock. But, as a speculators, we should not scare any type of stock. We should categaries all stock is good stock, if they could provided a profit.

Resort started its rally from yesterday and in these 5 days I would classified it as good stocks, because it had broke RM2. All bad news had well absorbed. Of course, I would not wasting my bullet to buy the mother counter. So, i had selected join into the rally party and bought the call warrant to enjoy the sweet derive from it.

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