Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Signal

As per last two days commented at here. The KLSE market moving as per my described. It was stopped at one level and cheat all the good holders selling cheap to certain group. Like TMI , it wasn't hit below 2.50, MRCB wasn't hit below 68 cents as well as genting and resort were not see any historical low.

My own judgement is correct and accurate. Market still drift trading at this level. Few bad factors was not joined up to pull index to new low level. This is a good lesson for me. It was given me a guide in this 2 days. I found the strong supoort of KLSE as well as found some stocks be my indicator.

So, in future if market broke this level there is a alert for me to run fast. Happy is not because of making money from stocks. Happy is because found the alert level and allow me clear all trading in time if have any adjustment coming in the corner.

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