Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Indicators

As I was mentioned here before, if few bad factors join and meet each other at one point of time. It could be serious hazard. There were not had any support at all. Yesterday evening, I found some stocks indicated the signal. MRCB, UEMLand, Gamuda, Ramunia and etc. These counter moving back to Tuesday opening level, it could not given Monday's buyer any profit. Usually if there is a strong rebound, price would show a certain profit to new buyer. It was allow some holder see a confident level. But would not happen in Wednesday eventhough there is a mini budget will announce on Next Tuesday.

Apart of the above, some finance counter still downward to new low price level. That is Maybank and Bursa. Forex Malaysia against USD still weak. Oil price touch double top at 45. US and Euro still registerd lower index. More news on right issue call. Singapore seems like going to decrease again in 2nd quater.

The above factors join up in time. Giving a warning to me stay out immediately from equity market.

Do you Feel the same?

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