Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LCL and Sealink

I had bought in at this morning. My own opinion these 2 stocks will continue move because of: -

a) Good supporting
b) Overall Market steady
c) No news in the market

Under circumatances of ( c), usually people would like to buying because of a lot of good news. But I am prefer no any news in the market only start buying. In my experience, if there is only news in the market and these news subsequently affected the market up or down. The market up or down rally short and fast elimated.
Recently, I was decided bought in again no because of UMNO factor. I had been accumulated all factors in last Thursday. So in the last friday, I was the only one started bought shares in our group.
Based on yesterday noon and today morning market performance. A lot of people started worries these rally soon be ended. In view the performance of last 2 days, my opinion is buy it your existing in hand stocks again and try to average it. You should be able enjoy a litter bit sweet.

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