Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today KLSE market opened good and stable. It was attracted me searching a stock to buy in. After analysis some stocks, I had found that Axis supported at 6 cents and hard to hit 5.5. Usually such situation had happen, I will take an immediate action buy in. The reason is: - this share did not hit below recently lower price as well as had supported at higher level, although today price trading lower than yesterday closing price.

Before I want to step in and purchase this counter, I had decided walk away from securities firm. Because some data in hand still confusing me. My mind giving me a warning and alert.

I was walking to canteen and sit down. While I am start thinking, I found there are few reasons stop me purchase at today.

a) Yesterday DJ Open High Closed Low. Chances of heavy adjustment at tonight is high.
b) TMI and Genting faced a heavy selling pressure at today.
c) Market volume did not registered lower yet.
d) UEMLand and MRCB moving around 1 cents margin.

The above negative analysis stop me buy in at now. I do not know I am right or wrong. I think one or two days will confirm.

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