Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Good News

A good news from newspaper, finally our assemblyman found population's needs important than their politic agenda. They had analysis the north south highway cost and proposed to government privatised it. This is an ideal proposal.

Last 2 weeks, we found a lot of stupid news like: -

a) 28 assemblyman surrounding a tree. (cost us pay them salary RM 300k per month)
b) Keep on concentrated fighting on their post at government

The above agenda wasted a lot of cost and time, people of Malaysia spend so much of money to everyone of them, but they wasting on that. Finally, Barisan easily manipulated the first plans of 7.5 billion as well as 60 billion from "mini budget". No one politician helping us to query EPF why the dividend rate so low, why ASM doing so good?

The above politician agenda brought KLSE finally registered as low as 835 points only. KLSE market at last friday touched the strong base and predict have a small rally in the coming weeks.

I am suggest buy in Scomi and Pelikan. Good luck! Buddy

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