Thursday, March 19, 2009


I learn a new word from CNBC. Actually we are all tragic because through out the year we earn nothing. However, tell you are a joke. This morning when i was said Citigroup shut up to 2.80. A lot of tablemate complaint that they should bought in at one dollar. Now, everyone just disappinted at now. Lastly, I was asked them a question "how come no one said he is luck enough when citigroup at 30, they were never bought in" Finally all quite on this topic.

Shares investment always faced such situation, you could not or hardly get the bottom price to earn more. Because we are all is human being. We would felt fear, felt tragic during trading and sometime we are control by external issue mislead us to wrong direction.

After 97/98 crisis, I had learn it. I do not want buy in at bottom but I must aware every share i buy in must have movement. Buy in bottom hardly succeed because you always must jump in by your own imagination or own prediction. You would to tried more than 10 times only manage to get the bottom price, the cost is huge and terrible.

Come back to KLSE, today i was still watched a movement of stocks but found that no signal can allow me jump in and buy.

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