Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shall We pround of it?

Today newspaper highlighted a news about Maybank and Commerce total market value have been higher than Citigroup. Is there a good news?

Malaysia always like to compared with bottom. Hence, they had believed the slogan "malaysia boleh". So, everytime some famous group in the international had been fall to bottom. They would like making a special news to highlight it.

Therefore, our local politician smart use these strategy to convince people of Malaysia. I am always feel "Sad" because most of them had accept it and believe it. Sometime I would asked "Is it our education system going to wrong direction?" How come nobody use ours study skill to "Listen, Understand, Analysis and Conclude"

Listen= Listen the market data.
Understand= Understand what you are listen
Analysis = Analysis the data is false or good
Conclude = Conclude it "is good accept, is bad immediately reject it."

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