Monday, March 2, 2009

Lose was Increased

Accumulated lose has been increased due to heavy adjustment. KLSE slump about 21 points today. But i was still hold some stock in hand, That is Ranhill.

Actually, if economic did not recovered. Share price is still expensive but if I am not taking an opportunity to learn something. I would lose the direction. Of course, we should pay some fees on that but trying to minimise it.

Some people think I am crazy and will continue through money into dustbin without sense. Crazy usually attached with me all the time, because I am always against the odd. The reasons I am continue buy in are: -

a) How bad economic in Malaysia was hit by this crisis? Actually You do not know and I also do not aware, because we are depends by media provide such information. We are no choice to believe it.
b) Is it USA given any sweet in the past 20 years? Maybe the trade between us and USA clearly stated. That is not more than 20%. If there is an accurate data, the index had adjusted more than 50%, the adjustment has been reflected in year 2008.
c) Most of the investors would not surprised market drop further as those analyst was predicted. They further concluded it will adjust below 800 points. But please do not forget. They have been tell you in the last year Aug 08, market still strong and continue provide a lot of data to recommend certain stock as well as confident our oil price continue strong. They never stop recommend buy in.

Based on the above, market was adjusted on today. Most of the people happy and would said, "market will continue drop and given them confident sell out now and plans buy back later. "

Is it a good planning? In fact, the bear still exist but not as per "we thought " that "Bad".

Normally, I am only trust few bad factors join up together only given a good excuse for index will registered new low. At this point of time, if you try buy 10 counter and hold it. you chances of pick bankruptcy company become slim. In year 2008, your chances to pick a stock would adjusted the price more than 70% is high but on current status, the situation was changed. Hard to seeking a stock will adjusted more than 70%, unless there is bankruptcy applying into it.

So, nothing to worry. This period of time should spend some money to understand the move of stock. You will enjoy the sweet soon. I also believed the honey is close to you in the next corner. As far as you wouldn't tried smart to play index counter at now and purely selected some stocks below RM1. You chances of lose is minimise and limited.

The above analyst does not means you should play as crazy as me. But just a warning" Do not trust super hero in the newspaper".


Mike Forex Cable said...

I hope u have average your Ranhill today. Enjoy reading your analysis. I am now trying to trade using the Bollinger band and candlestick.Still learning. Are u full time trader. What do u work as? I am an ex-remisier. Got burnt by Transmil in 2007. Bankrupt now.

stockname said...

I did that, Thanks. If u have follows my blog in initially , I think u could avoid to have such lose.

I am an accountant, going to be a unemployment guy, Sad!!!!

Btw thanks you support