Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am wondering today market hit above 850 at 1st session. But it would not encourage me step me bought any shares from market. In my blood, share up and down already giving me some excited. Sometime must avoid such mood to ignore some pain.

During this period of time, I am watching the movement of share. Trying to known more about them. Of course, some stock already told me theirs movement. On the same time, they had also told me and warns me, it hard to earn any cents from that. Maybe need more days to study about that. I hope I got such chance and talent.

Today local news talks about ASM and EPF, i had read a lot of their news. All expert trying to give some excuse to help EPF although it had only declared at 4.5% dividend. Actually base on my own analysis, ASM could not earned so high profit unless they can manage to borrow some funds from others. They further announced that they have keeping a lot of cash in hand. But refer back to last year, shares market hit down about 700 points. How can it escape from such adjustment? Is it ASM hold a crystal ball? Is it ASM always can buy in low and sell it high? Is it some market still contribute 7% profit in last year?

So, if ASM performance so good. Why EPF cannot purchase the units from ASM to earn more than 4.5%? Why EPF cannot employed such good manger from LTAT help members earn 16% per annum? Why we should pay such high bonus to EPF' commitee board and staffs if they ablity lower than ASM staffs/manger?

I am whole year playing shares in market. Finally, I had manage to minimise my lose by way of run fast but could not totally escape from that crisis.

So, I am sitting here make a lot question in my brain and it had keep on shown me a word "Wondering"!

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