Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resort and Pelikan

Resort had performs as per predict. So, in order to notify when it will turn down. Please take note on the profit margin per day. Last few days, daily profit was in the range of 8 cents. If one day the profit margin shut up more than 12 cents, there is a signal to realise you profit immediately.

Most of the counter I have been taken profit and closed the deal. Asiabio hit me badly, total lost for it registered about RM2.2k.

There is no signal market will coming down but profit margin for every counter will not as high as you predicted. So, please careful trading.

Pelikan last week bought at 67.5 cents and was took the profit on Tuesday. Now, it was come back to 74.5 and volumes reduce. Normally, I will try on the technical rebound and earn some money. Hence, I am unambiguously jump in again and bought at 74.5.

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