Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DJ Soar 497 points - Sell future?

In order to minimise you lose, you should goto future market made a "short" deal in the morning. It would help you enjoy a hedge to you equity stock in case it have a adjustment in the morning. Today equity market given a surprise move and most of the penny stocks had broke the resistance level. I am hard to select any stocks from market and advice take profit immediately in the morning.

Market should go back to 864 points only can obtained the strong base for further move, otherwise it will turn back as low as it can.

Careful trading and keep you eye on daily volumes. It would help you knows the support level. I am a bit worry on today move because it could not given me any good signal to well know the shares price movement and hope would not drop back to starting points. "I am blur and confused, hope you are can understand what I am trying to say at here."

DJ up 497 points given a good chance to whom bought in at yesterday and realised some profit at today.

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