Friday, March 20, 2009


After reviewing today movement of stocks. I had found most of the stocks have been created a base. It’ s mean that the lower price hard to touch again in this period of time (at least 10 days). Today 1st shift market volume accumulated by oil and gas related stocks and their also had given some good profit to investors.

I had been tried analyst more about the movement of stocks at last few days. Finally, today I found some bad factors had gone. Like: -

a) Malaysia Ringgit steady.
b) Oil price hit above 50.
c) Politic game by PKR and Barison ended. Now focus on UMNO internally election.
d) No foreigner selling.
Due to the above, I had decided bought in Scomi. Today, this counter performs surprising, in the 5 minutes time hit about 2 cents. This is rare on last few months. Usually a counter was hit below 30 cents, it would need few days to hit above 30. But Scomi had done it on today. Some more Abdullah going to retired on next few days. Is it a celebration party for him or a good retired fund for him? Let us view in these days

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