Friday, February 27, 2009

KLSE equity market was drift

Today, actually I had wrote an article and decided to post it. The article talks about the energy oil and gas future price at US. Based on that, I was suppose recommend some stocks at KLSE. Lucky I had decided must study the movement of today trading first before post it at here. Otherwise would made a big mistake.

The above experience told me, the facts must obtained from spot market. Trading stock shouldn't make any imagination or own assumption. Although this round I am trading at deficit and negative pocket money but at least I had earn some experience.

KLSE was traded drift at last 5 days. Those people would like to play day trade may suffer especially had selected top volume counter. I was warn it at here last 3 days ago. Hopefully some one had follow my penny advice.

But drift does not means the index will have any big adjustment soon and also doesn't indicate up rally will arrive. Why?

Refer the last 3 days data at KLSE. I was found that the top volume page mostly registered negative but second page had some gain counter. Especially today, most of the counter at volume page 2 had profit.

I had classified that market tried kick out some weak holder and banker adjust some customers margin account. We are hoping the gain while these excersive is over at today otherwise it will continue another 4 days. However I am still try hard to monitor some stock move and paying a high cost to understand it. Like PA and Ranhill and based on current oil price bought in Ramunia -WA at this morning.

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