Friday, July 20, 2012

How to be a good investors?

Some people thought read the company annual report, attend the AGM. It can be a good investors. If your are one of them, I could said that you are waiting the fruits drop from a tree, like a farmer employed few foreign worker to plant for you. You are just sitting there and do nothing people.

In my mind, shareholders or investors should be well know every business transaction in the company. He/she should be able inform the directors about their view on every project in the AGM. Of course such activities would be not encourage by management because they wanna to end the meeting in time.

So, as a management level should encourage putting a suggestion box in the meeting for future reference. It should a guidance to improve quality of investors in the company. The door gift for investors should awarded to such a good and quality investors.

Sometime the management will say, that is not necessary because our management people all capable than investors. That is a selfish thinking of them. The value or quality of investors upgraded actually is indirectly help company improve the company image. Rather than now most of the investors just aiming for gift given during the meeting time.

That is easily allow management allocate more funds of the company for self benefit and allow company facing the high risk on every investment. Simple like buy a luxury car cost about 800k per unit for director's used. In the AGM, the door gift maybe just cost about RM100k only. So, which one is more important? 

The quality investors bring healthy of culture to the company. Not only the company the benefit as well as the employee/staff also can proud of it. So, if you are the investors, Do you still care about voucher of 50 butt or company can registered as top 100 in the world. 

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