Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday at here, I was tell your are the signal cannot be trusted. Because when the issues/problems can be easily solve. That is not a problem. Over a night, if some one can solve the 10 years problem. I think he is super or wonder. The rebound show someone like to challenge the trend. The positive means someone do not aware what is happening in the market.

Signal was given to someone understand the issue. The smart people always claims by super hero say we are the speculator. That's why they always use down trend is a good opportunity signal to buy in and keep it forever. So that I am always said this type of people always have long life. They are lucky enough see the shares coming back in the future. They also can create a story tell you they buy in because of fundamental and that's value buy. But 95% of them has been pass away because the future price can't arise during they are alive. So that, you are always confused because only 5% can harvest the return and shown to you, they are good in investment.

I have predict or maybe I am not long life enough. So, I am always choose easy in easy out way. The market trend down I leave it and follow the up trend only. I do want to collect during the bad times, because I am really pity those people had loss their hard earn money. Of course I am not pity rich man at all. Because they loss 100 million like drop 10 cents.

Signal told everyone in the market, please do not collect during the bad time unless you have specific equipment to monitor the price up or down. 

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