Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it needed Monopoly?

Why monopoly is not good? Government always claim that we should control some resources to ensure the supply is enough. But such mind set has been bring some one can indirect control the government to adopt a good policy.
Like Wall street Financial people created a giant bond to threat government. So, the liabilities be population burden. So a lot excuse to rescue and then make a lot of unfair policy for them continue the monopoly.
In the Asean countries, we can see Power, water supply, wheat, sugar and oil control by few big tycoon. So, if the government lose the election, then this become a threat to all. Recently we could see a joke happen in State of Selangor, Malaysia. A full water cannot supply to user. Why this can happen?
The monopoly system stop good people can adopt a good system for population. So, state government should use in hand resources to take over the company. As a population, I think no one will blame the government use more than normal price to buy the shares from open market. It does not care your are from which politic parties. Every one in the state will benefit on that, at least stop some one earn higher salary and do nothing. 
Of course, such buying stake activities should follow by some ideal system, like all population staying in the state should own some controlling stake to ensure that, which is no one monopoly. State government should pass over such shares to all population by way of equal. No one is more than 5%. Maybe should consider, in the water bill charge another RM1 per month as share buying. maximum up to 1,000. Who do not paying bill can buying at 1 per month per share from government, maximum also 1,000.
If the system is work, then should apply to other type of resources. Then, the sharing resources become fair and discourage some business earn the extra from national. So, the minority riches cannot use our funds to expand the business, buy so many assets in the oversea for planning their own family migration.
We can see a group of company, from guarantee of supply electric to Tenaga already accumulated the cash in hand more than 12 billion. Then they are not shameful tell reporter they are very smart to do business in Malaysia. Not only one, that is few of them.
So, are you think the monopoly is necessary?

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