Tuesday, May 29, 2012


RHB Cap offer take over bid to OSK Investment Bank from OSK Holdings Sdn Bhd. It could be a good offer because most of staffs indirectly service under KWSP. The KWSP offer a very good pay to his staffs. Every year 3 to 6 months bonus with 19% contribution of every month. Enjoying the General Hospital free service until you died. 

Imagine a corporation confirmed that all population in the country every month must contribute a certain sum to them. The sum registered as turnover and then tell public the employee very hard working should enjoy more profit than others. Is that fair?

I should said that is fair if they willing to show details to all contributor. If they only deliver the total sum of investment and total sum of yield. We really do not know whether the funds have been misuse it by someone.

The big corporation employee can manipulate the figure by way of use a good return business cover off the written off loss because they always can try luck to test it due to future funds non stop deliver to them. So that if one of the lucky investment can contribute more than 20% return, then can use it to written off few loss cases in hand. So that the final results still can given 5% yield for sharing. Is it that is expert?

Another way is the loss can be delay until one day the profit deliver. If the profit can't deliver, then the losses forever is cover. We only hope the bad results not declare in your life time, otherwise your retirement plan will gone.

At here, I wanna to say who ever is EPF staff should be awarded by difference format. Like, how many cases successful recover from bad employer. the certain percentage should be awarded to them, because in the first place, employee has been loss such money. 

I am always believe if we want our country be strong in future.  We should base on productivity to awarding to right person. It should not base on sharing concept. I am also believe if you are not good in this skill area, you should have another good skill in another area. Priority you should hard working and do not sit there to wait you luck come.

So, you can see now days my blog content has been changed a lot, because I do not wanna to carry gods' duty at here. Guess this stock price up or guess such stock price down. So, after reading my post here, you should able to know the stocks price should up or down.

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