Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You can do a lot of things

Recently, a lot of cases happen within one week. That is definitely not terrorist attack? I do believe that will not happen in these country. Why it could be happen? Of course that will not bring any impact to shares market. But I believe help Inland Revenue collect more tax from that. Why our country can build up a rich man? Is it support by free interest loan from bank? Is it parent very rich and award someone so many assets as a gift.

Officer in IRB if apply some rule and regulation to investigate on that. That may found some fact to prove and maybe can use it to guide our population refer it to generate more income. That's indirect help money circulation fast and make economic grown up. Shares price more attractive and turnover increase because of business activities active.

If one day, a company declared one quarter hit 100 million profit before tax and said that free of tax. I do believe officer also interested to understand more details on that. How come a person can carry few luxury cars and spend money like water can easily avoid the tax. Why got such imbalance issue happen in world?????

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