Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why to be?

An ordinary people always think to earn some extra money to against the inflation. So, the investment bank and Insurance agency created number of options to guide them. But eventually most of the investors become contributor to big company with zero cost for them to expand their business or maybe create few person become riches in the world.

So, actually they only applied an easy way to accumulated the funds and try hard to polishing the logo or trademark of the company. Finally, their name be registered into Forbes magazine. How to be? They tell reporter I have create a miracle and the group of companies already employ more than 20 thousand people as employee. I do so much of charity and have form a charity foundation for future. I be a chairman into the foundation and many people will benefit from that.

On the other hand stockname actually a poor man. Why said so? But I can said I contributed more than riches man because every month my salary only can keep until the last day of the month and those money has been spend out into market.So, my saving is negative. I have not do any charity but at least I won't keep any cent in my account. I have let my hard earn being circular into market again. I think this is a best way to share resources with everyone in the world. Rather than like riches man always claim they can donate 100 million as charity but on the other hand saving 10 billion into bank. Some more they also inform public he had donated so much and much in the past 10 years. But never tell you true actually his saving is about 100 times from the amount of donation. They create a foundation actually planning to escape the taxation. In their mind, they are not sincere to do any contribution to any charity because "they said I am smarter than ordinary people, Why should I  contribute any cents to society?" So, if your are rich Why wanna to be like that? Why you can't share the benefit with all of yours employee. Why should beauty it on such dirty way?

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