Thursday, June 28, 2012

why now?

With the good prospect gain the good future life. If you has been passed away more than 20 years. Now only can received your identical card, how you feel???? " 首相纳吉今天宣布,政府正式承认拉曼学院超过70个文凭与高级文凭,作为送给拉曼学院的一项“好消息”。他承认之前因“技术问题”............" Suddenly, passed out such information to market. Those Human Resources Department in Private sector panic on this morning. They must quickly checking back all resume of the employees to double confirm who is qualify.Why can qualify to build the university for further study. That's a big shock...... Those people has been qualify be a professional now noted that medium education course is illegal. How they are feel.....????

Now, we have to identify which things is real & what's thing is wrong. Build a highway suddenly received an annoucement say now only qualify to use. If one day your are noted a public listed company have such issue for listing..... Who will pay you compesation?

Furthermore, Is it the dividend and bonus have been received must return?

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