Monday, February 27, 2012

Is it Going to happen?

Last 2 months ago, I had wrote an article talk about oil.Please refer to . . Now, president of USA also think to release the reserve to reduce the cost. I am quite worry about my prediction come true. Because that time most of the living cost shut up and bring me can't survive in normal life.
Today, another statement talking about someone have special M & A in hand to incorporate the company to use the loan granted by government. In my knowledge, if bank granted a loan to someone he should able to well know the facilities in proper use. If not, bank got right to pull back all the loan although the said company in the M&A stated he got the right to do so. So, the argument points are: -

1) Is it government well know the funds have been misused?
2) Is it the special investment is a main object of this company? If not are they reported IRB?
3) Is it the loan agreement has over right the object of the company?
4) Is it the representative of government agree the resolution about the purchase?
5) If the M&A always can over right the special funds granted for special business, Why government never noted? and so, Why government wanna to take such risk? and then Why the loan should granted to one family only? How about the 13 million people who has eligible to take such loan?

Those questions brought more doubt to me. Actually government just can withdrawn the funds immediately and so concentrate on Oil price. Rather than always need to make answering to others and so wasting time to monitor the stupid answer by one family.

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