Friday, June 15, 2012


I do not have big ambition because any extra demand become luxury. So, i just hope can live until 55 years old and then withdrawn all retire money, follow by 56 years old can pass away. That is my little wish in my life.

Too long life become a burden because need to work for daily living cost. In my history, since i was twelve years old, I had started working. That's tired life. So, now a days i have try hard to share my experiences to my subordinate. Hope that in the short life of me can pass over something for new generation and wish them can survive better than me.

Actually I am fear enough while one day I am sleeping on the bed and then people force me sign some documents for transferring my little money to them before I am pass away. Of course that is too much of demand and wish of me on that and hope that this things would not happen in my life.

In the world that is nothing 100% can ensure that your wish will come true. But at least that is a dream. I am very worry when I was only 60 years old only can spend my money. Actually I am not confident on our local retired funds can good manage our money.

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