Friday, June 29, 2012

2 pigs on the road

Italy and Spain gain into Euro Championship football final. Do they can help the economic in their countries? In the past, a sport game actually never help a country economic improve and those game is controlling by strong country. Now, every sport game attached with commercial issue. Then, the chances of helping economic better is impossible.

The stability of market support by trading business stocks. Today is BAT, last week was Nestle. The trend of the market move around 10 points. So, what is the next move?

Entire world of the circulation of monetary and illegal funds take this chance to laundry the money be legal. So, helping direct and indirect way to improve a country be better. Nevertheless, after that the funds circulation out also is a impact to specific country. Like Greece, after organisation of Olympic games. Now, they need a lot of bailout. Country very poor, the rich man run away. 

So, the above situation is a good experience to developing countries. We can not build up some riches man by way of awarded the contract with zero risk support. We can not inject some money for specific society. 

Planning a long term austerity should attach with health and stability. The bursa stocks become a die pool for certain group of people and so encourage someone collect money and then run away. It was created a image encourage packing rubbish to sell into market. No one is happy except the seller. 

The listing and di-listing a company too frequent happen in the market bring unhealthy of stability. Today, sell at 1.00 tomorrow said is undervalue. The justification like a joke and funny. The quality of judgement must be very firm to value a company.     

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