Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Invest?

Investment consist of multi theory inside. How to use such theory? First at all, that all attached with risk. Why got risk? Because that is due to timing. Right time buying and right time sell. Right time select the business category and right time invest into it. Right time manage plus right time arrange. Right time production with right time market.

So, the right timing reduce your risk of loss. Some products need spend time to allow people absorb it. The longer time spend bring such product more value. Change because time require and efficiency bring cost reduce. High cost because of delay. High production because of less burden of cost. So, how to invest bring how to manage. Manage your time and not allow someone mislead you on the wrong way. Like our investment on retirement funds, the local news show positive news at front page. The risk of investment hidden behind. Lend 420 million to buy a cost f property value about 370 million. Why? Wrong direction bring wrong timing.

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