Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I do not have?

Recently, Malaysia Government paid out a lot of money to people. Why I can't qualify? I am a tax payable, every year compulsory contributed few thousand to country. I do not have car and house, nor have any saving because my earning must share by 6 family members. Those austerity not even benefit me at all. Is it the tax system problem?

The 500 pay out you can see those people owned few shop lots also entitled, but they are not a tax payable. The tyre for taxi driver who is the beneficial, is Continental and Goodyear and those who have multi license companies. Why tax payable should bear such unreasonable distribution.

Government would said, because you are good enough to enjoy the high paid in your employment. But refer back my student time, I was ignore by education. I was started from ground and never enjoy any support from government.

I could not benefit any free text book nor any fees exempted because they said my parent earn from ground hawker. In my childhood time, I also must worked as construction worker during school holiday because that is my fees for next new semester.

I went to applied job from government but no one wanna to sign my form as reference. So finally I was disqualified. But now, I had sat a high post from my own effort but government still treat me like foreigner by way of high tax.

I can't study further and stopped school at form 5. Who will pretty me? I do believe during 1960an, a lot of people suffer on such a situation. But now, the big contributor to KWSP and Tax is this group of people. Why government need to ignore us?????

So, fairness is important than privilege. Who is entitle? Who is disqualify? Who is fully enjoy the resources? Government should aware.

From the unfair system, you can see now local tycoon had slowly transfer out some resources to enjoy the luxury life. The beautiful excuse is expanding the business. Who know the behind story?

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